Coastal Pro™ Series “New for 2013”

The Coastal Pro™ Series from American Rodsmiths was a joint design effort between American Rodsmiths and a select group of respected and elite professional tournament and charter captains with decades of fishing experience on the water. 

This outstanding group of fisherman can be found along some of the best fishing coasts in the world from the Carolinas to South Texas.  The actions, cosmetics, and components selected for the Coastal Pro™ Series were designed specifically by individuals in this group, relying on their many years of experience, preference, and targeted species.  

Each rod will be a core design from a select group of American Rodsmiths elite coastal anglers to target game species as their preference. 

The blanks consist of ARS exclusive blends and feature an advance Pro-Nano construction.  Each blank has a DLC finish for both strength and durability, and will be an industry standard for years to come.  Guides on the Coastal Pro™ Series will feature REC Components recoil guides. 

RECOIL guides are made from a special nickel titanium  with unique physical properties, such as an extremely hard but flexible “Shape Memory” alloy.  This alloy, which does not require plating can’t corrode in any environment and returns to its original shape and position after repeated deformations. 
Each handle and reel seat will vary depending on the model and the Elite angler design preferences.